Friday, October 2, 2009

Beware of Cheshire cats, take 2


Jewish date:  14 Tishri 5769.

Today’s quasi-holidays:  National Diversity Day, International Day of Non-Violence.

Today’s news and commentary:
In lieu of a weird thing, today I present an advertisement from our newest sponsor below.  Enjoy, share the weirdness, Shabbath shalom, and ḥagh kasher wesameaḥ.


Miss Clara Percy Feline Breeders of London, Ltd., is once again pleased to offer cats of the famous “Cheshire” breed. Due to the rarity and difficulties in producing healthy animals which meet the Cat Fanciers’ Association standards, can only offer them in limited quantities on a first-come first-serve basis. A total of fifteen cats are now available for adoption by loving homes.

Cheshire cats are a particularly favored breed. They are characterized by a recessive trait which produces the characteristic deformity of the lips and teeth. This may make the cats difficult to feed, and like many of the smaller breeds of dogs, they may require a diet of soft food. However, they are considered unusually intelligent, and they are well known for their antics. Many owners believe their cats perfectly understand everything they say and display unusual genius for outwitting their human masters. They will happily be around those they adore, though around strangers they do tend to vanish. They are highly tolerant of airborne irritants such as ground peppercorns.

One of our purebred Cheshire cats with a tortoiseshell coat.

All animals are pure-bred Cheshires and are provided with appropriate shots and litter-box training. The adoption fee per animal is £1 000, with additional fees as required for adoptions outside the United Kingdom. Although we understand that many prefer kittens, due to the limited quantities we cannot necessarily provide cats of a certain age. Please submit requests or questions to We have had some problems of late with our internet service provider, so please post to this blog if there are any difficulties.

©2009 Clara Percy’s Feline Breeders of London, Ltd., all rights reserved.
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