Monday, October 22, 2012

Unauthorized guest post by ∀≸∦⨏: Ze’ev Reḥav‘am Street

⪪⪹⫝⫯, Earthlings.

⫙⦜⦴⧫⦆ ⟢ ⟠⟕⫍, ⪇⩅⩖ ⩉ ⩘⩙ Ze’ev Reḥav‘am (Gandi) Street.  ⨇⨩⋆⊍ ⨎∦ ∭≷≸⊋ ∪−−×, ∋≭≰∷∷≇⊮⋩ ⋸⋱⩆⩎⪇.

⩵⪡⫝̸⦑⧖ ⧠⧜ ⧦ pirate ⧩⧭ ⧾⦿⦮⦫.  ⫪⫧⫖⫓⫉.

⫸⫱⪌⩻ ⩯⩀⨶⨴ Terra ⨭⋦⋦⋕ ⋩⋝ ⋲⨈⩣⪤ ⪹⪽⟔⫿⦙ “Larry”, “Daryl”, ⦬ “Daryl”. ⦘⦟⦯⧗⧪ ⧴ ⧾ Intefe ⧻⁻⧁ ⦸⦴⦫.

⦀⦌⦍⫢⫃ ⪙ ⪛ ⪵⪳⩣ ⩩⨱ ninja ⨢⨄ ⋼⋐ ⋅⊠ antidisestablishmentarianism ⊝.

⋓⋪⨂⋬⋸⨂ poodle ⨣⋹ ⋠, ⊽⊲.  ⋕⋳ ⨣ Beatles ⋹, ⨢⨬⩉⩏ ⩃⩖⩻⪌ ⫂⫅⫰⫷ ⫹⫌⪾.

⩬⩩⩔⨭⨅ ⋗⋐ ⋜⋐⋄ Batbear ⩂⨩⨵⪯⪿ Foo.

⪕⪫⪸ ⋕ ⩣⋳⋹⊻⊙⅋ ⋮⋘⋘ beetles ⋠⋗⋂⋇.

⋟⋅ ⊳≒≁≁ beetle ⨌∯≼ ≮≫∥⨕⨕ “Naah naahny naan naah”.

∀⊋≨ Intefe ⨊∠⨌ ∣≻≳≩ ∆∀∁¬=∹≉ Quux ≌≛⊕⊔ Neverland.

⊹⋂⋒⋏ ⊡⊜≣ ≖≆ Baz ≁⨐⨏⨐∦ ≦≦≶≶ ⊭⋇⊿ babka ⋒⋚⊷⊞.

Babka ≛≋≗ ⊙⅋⊲⋌⊰⋊ ⋌⋎⋓⨇⨀ Bar ⨮⨀⨵ ⨲⨨ ⋸ ⋾⩷⪂.

⩫⩭⩆, ⨪⨭⨻ ⩋⩓⩟⋪⋞⪲⨶⩆⩇⋥⊻⊻⋕⋙.  Batbear ⊷ Sour Cream ⋿ ⨈ ⋲ ⋟ ⋨⋴⋽⊻⊰.

∀≸∦⨏, ⋽⋩ ⨇⨰ ⨼⨢⊩ ⊘ ⊮ ⊌≬≣≣≍≂∾∮ ∥.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unauthorized guest post by a ninja-in-training: Zhabboṭinsqi Street

Ordinary mortals:

I am a ninja-in-training, and I am breaking into ’Aharon’s computer and Blogger account as a test of my infiltration skills.  Today’s post will continue the tradition of past infiltrators and comment on the next street on ’Aharon’s list:  Zhabboṭinsqi Street.

See the two ninjas hiding in the arch-shaped bush?  Of course not.  Ninjas are not meant to be seen.

This style of pay phone was invented by ninjas to prevent superheroes from changing into their silly costumes without us ninjas noticing.  We remain unseen.  We do not wish anyone else to remain unseen.

See the ninja hiding behind the lamppost?  Of course not.

“Caution:  jumping kangaroo!”  The kangaroo, inspired by us ninjas, always remains on the far side of cameras.  Once two photographers tried to photograph her from different directions at the same time, and she knocked them both down and stole their cameras.

Vicious guard plants.  These are no match for a sword-bearing ninja.  Though some secret Israeli laboratories are trying to breed guard plants that can use firearms.

The secret laboratory is behind this fence and over the hill.  No one gets to keep secrets away from us ninjas.

This looks like electrical box art.  And it is.

Experimental guard weeds trying to escape.

No one plays practical jokes with street signs in the middle of the night like a ninja.

This traffic circle is being remodeled by the flamingos.

A tortoise who works as a construction engineer.

The flamingos, discussing landscaping.

Two giant beetles hanging around the traffic circle.

Zabboṭinsqi from that point on is inhabited by smurfs doing a lot of agriculture in pots.  Many of the pots are hung on trees to make it harder for the cats of evil wizards to get into them and destroy their crops.

Don’t ask what’s in this building.  It is a deep secret of the ninjas which is not to be revealed.

Don’t ask what’s in here either.

See the ninjas in this picture?  Of course not.

Another traffic circle.

Giant beetles and tortoises which keep watch on the traffic circle, making sure that evil aliens don’t steal it.

“I wasn’t happy with the graffiti, so I scribbled over it.”

Huge pomegranates and a pear.  Some giants don’t know how to pick up after themselves.

See the ninja hiding by this creative recycling bin?  Of course not. 

The end of the street, where ninjas always manage to enter Giv‘ath Shemu’el unseen.  At least twelve were around when these pictures were taken.

An entrance sign for Giv‘ath Shemu’el at the end of Zabboṭinsqi Street.  Ninjas regularly climb over it.

Know what this is?  Of course not.  And this thing distracts you from any ninjas which may be creeping around.

A snail clinging to vegetation, very easily overlooked.  Mollusks may yet evolve into ninjas.

As you can see, ninjas are everywhere in Giv‘ath Shemu’el.  Be wary and stay out of our way.