Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I cannot think of a title that would not spoil today’s weird thing


Jewish date: 4 Siwan 5769.

Today’s holiday: Day 48 of the ‘Omer.

Today’s quasi-holiday: National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Worthy causes of the day: “Museums are Essential to Our National Heritage” and “Is Rush Limbaugh the voice of the Republican Party?”

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “Revelation denied: The scandal of Jewish ignorance”: Few people value anything they know little or nothing about. That is a major reason for the Divine Misconceptions project. I like the idea of more and better-done Jewish movies. (I wonder what a film about the Vilna Ga’on would be like...)
  2. “Sect members accused of denying children education”: I have no clue what these people are thinking. I do not recall anywhere in the New Testament where Jesus proclaimed ignorance as being virtuous.
  3. “RUSSIA: A new 'Inquisition'”: Governmental violation of freedom of religion shows its ugly face again.
Today’s news and commentary:
Today’s weird thing is “GIVE A CAT A FISH”.
funny pictures of cats with captions
Enjoy and share the weirdness.


PS: I take no responsibility for the consequences if you show this to your cat and it gets any naughty ideas.
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