Monday, April 7, 2008

Material related to Divine Misconceptions

This page is an introduction to and an aid to access of material on this blog related to my book-in-progress, tentatively titled Divine Misconceptions:  An Orange Catholic Necronomicon of Religious Fallacies and Misinformation.  Throughout human history, people have frequently shown poor religious thinking and ignorance of religion.  Unfortunately, the situation does not seem to be any better today.  Rather than tolerate the situation, I have decided to write the authoritative book on the subject in the hope of stimulating at least a few people to think about what they believe and why they believe it.

This project is bigger than any one person.  Feel free to notify me of any religiously fallacious or incorrect material you find, suggest matters for me to discuss, or ask questions. I also welcome donations of materials related to the project that you have and are doing nothing but taking up space right now.  Those who are unusually generous can buy me something from the official Divine Misconceptions wish list on Actual money would also be nice.

Note:  To make things easier on me, I am switching to a searching- and tag-based system. I have not yet gone through the blog to tag all the relevant material yet.

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