Wednesday, October 17, 2007

5 Marḥeshwan 5768: Gaudy Day


Worthy cause of the day #1: “Call on UN Security Council presidents to get UNAMID on the Ground in Darfur”. Yes, I know expecting the UN Security Council to do their job is like expecting elephants to tap-dance spontaneously, but if no one yells at them to do something about Darfur, they most certainly will do nothing.

Worthy cause of the day #2: “Support the Jubilee Act”. (At least the US Congress is somewhat responsive to public opinion.)

Divine misconception of the day: “Suit OK'd against anti-gay church group”. I was appalled that anyone would picket the funeral of a US soldier killed in Iraq with signs to the tune of “Thank God for dead soldiers", accusing US soldiers of immorality and their parents for raising them to be immoral. No matter how immoral soldiers may be in general and how immoral their parents raised them to be, unless the Westboro Baptist Church is committing violations of privacy, they cannot possibly know that this solider whose funeral they picketed was immoral and that his parents taught him to be immoral. On the contrary, this was a Roman Catholic funeral, which by default makes it improbable that the soldier was raised “for the devil” or that he was taught “defy his Creator, to divorce and to commit adultery”. Given the lack of any evidence of any immorality, the Wesboro Baptist Church is committing slander, making a moral judgement not founded in objective reality, and causing undeserved emotional trauma to the soldier’s family. This is blatantly against the New Testament (Matthew 7:12) and thus un-Christian. Jesus would be disgusted. Also, the idea that “the military's combat losses is a direct result of immoral behavior, including homosexuality, among its ranks” is not determinable. While the Hebrew Bible is filled with prophetic warnings that transgressions will have tragic consequences, the Book of Job makes it clear that the righteous can also suffer; thus tragedy cannot be assumed to be deserved.

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing, provided by Barry, is “Art of the Dinosauroids (Nemo Ramjet)”. Enjoy and share the weirdness.

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