Sunday, August 26, 2007

12 ’Elul 5767: National Cherry Popsicle Day


Divine misconception of the day: “China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation”. It makes plenty of sense from the perspective that the Chinese government tries to control all the religions in the country, so naturally they try to control Tibetan Buddhism and the process of reincarnation as well. However, this makes no sense whatsoever from the perspective of objective truth. Reincarnation has not been verified to occur ever, and there is no solid theoretical reason to believe that it might occur. Furthermore, no reliable mechanism is being given for directing reincarnation, preventing reincarnation, or verifying that reincarnation has occurred. And even if it does occur, what is the Chinese government going to do about “unauthorized reincarnation”? Are they going to somehow force people to become “enlightened” so that they do not reincarnate? Are they going to arrest small children on the charge of having been Tibetan monks in a previous lifetime? Considering that the Chinese government has failed to eliminate an underground Catholic Church still loyal to Rome, despite persecution and having their own “Patriotic” Catholic Church, I confidently predict dismal failure in controlling Tibetan Buddhism as well.

Other divine misconception of the day: “Mother Teresa's '40-year faith crisis'”. Despite the common notion that holy people have perfect, unwavering faith, it is no surprise that Mother Teresa had problems maintaining her faith.  Even the most devout people remain human, and the belief systems of humans do not usually remain perfectly unchanged over time.  Furthermore, a little doubt is healthy.  Doubt makes us reevaluate what we believe, giving us an opportunity to discard incorrect beliefs.  Also, her actions, whether for good or for bad, remain the same no matter how strongly she believed; imperfect faith does not impact the effect she had on people one bit.

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