Friday, August 31, 2007

big brother sux day

yo dudes

todays weird thing s all the sick bigits in the current season of BIG BROTHER

some of the most recent stuff comes from amber the crybaby 4 jesus its like cool she likes god & jesus & stuff but damn every little thing that goes wrong shes like in the diary room crying her eyes out & acting like god really cares like she wins and s working 4 her like he doesnt got more important things 2 do like RUNNING THE UNIVERSE yo dudette jesus wouldnt do what ur doing it turns out amber said all this antisemitic stuff (moron jesus was jewish so was jesus some big nosed money hungry guy jerk b word) it aint cool & u shouldnt say things like that because u look like a bigit & now everyones gonna know coz THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE YOU DUMBUTT!!! how stupid can u b?!?!?! heres the proof

n all fairness a bunch of the other houseguests also got caught being a bunch of bigitid dumbutts dudes if you cant say that around the people ur talking about u shouldnt say it @ all i hope u all lose & will be telling eric to vote u all out u should too
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