Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15 Shevaṭ 5768: Jewish New Year for Plants/National Blonde Brownie Day/Answer Your Cat’s Question Day


Divine misconception of the day: “Force strong for new Jedi church”. I have no clue what these people are thinking. Star Wars is unabashed fiction. Religions are supposed to be the truth, so using pure fiction as the basis for a religion is not valid. There is not even a hint in this article of these Jedi realists giving any proof that the Force is real. The reader may take it as obvious that lightsabers do not exist. Scarily, the UK Church of the Jedi is not the only example of a fictional religion making the jump to real religion; Bokononism, Matrixism, Thelema, the Church of All Worlds, the Cthulhu Mythos, and Orange Catholicism have made the jump to various degrees. Similarly, some religions started as excuses (Reformed Druids) or jokes (Discordianism), only to end up as serious. Fair to say none of these are any more valid.

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is Su Blackwell’s book-cut sculpture. Enjoy, share the weirdness, and happy new years.

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