Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nominee for Most Puzzling Graffito of 2012

Jewish date:  29 Shevaṭ 5772 (evening) (Parashath Terumah).

Today’s events:  Card Reading Day, International Mother Language Day.


In observance of International Mother Language Day, this post will be in my mother language:  English.

I have taken an interest in religious graffiti ever since my pilot trip.  However, not all graffiti is religious; I simply have not reported on it—until now.  Today’s weird thing is something I photographed it a week ago in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) on Rav ’Aggan Street, and I never expected to see graffiti like this:

Even someone who is not a history fanatic can realize that this is more or less a quote from Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.  I have no idea why it (the graffiti, not the Gettysburg Address) was written.  Enjoy (or be puzzled) and share the weirdness.


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