Thursday, April 12, 2012

’Oranim Street

Jewish date:  20 Nisan 5772 (Parashath Shemini).

Today’s events:  National Robotics Week, Look Up At The Sky Day, Yuri’s Night, National Licorice Day.


Today’s street of interest in Giv‘ath Shemu’el is ’Oranim (Pine) Street, which is near Bar ’Ilan University.  As previously, comments may be inaccurate if deemed more entertaining.

Clearly someone who laid out the street plan has an interesting sense of humor.  And again, I claim no understanding of the transliteration system

Despite the name of the street, there are a lot of non-pine trees on it.

Again, not a pine.

Definitely not a pine.

This is not even a real plant.

OK, here are some pines.

Pines, a wall to climb over, some vehicles, and a strangely ominous building in the background.

Electrical boxes in this country are frequently painted to look non-boring.  These electrical boxes were painted by Pablo Picasso during his “blue period”.

These plants have been locked up for being naughty.

This building has Yale envy.

More Yale envy.

Even more Yale envy.

Yale envy above and beyond the call of duty.

Even this tree has Yale envy.

Finally, a little flower growing on a rock.

Enjoy and share the weirdness.


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