Tuesday, July 4, 2006

8 Tammuz 5766 * 4 July 2006: National Country Music Day/Independence Day


Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is a review submitted to me by someone who wanted to save me the trouble of choosing a weird thing. (Isn’t that super?) I have included it below. Enjoy.


If anyone out there is considering going to see Superman Returns, Warner Brothers’ attempt at reviving a series which went horribly awry after two movies and spent nearly two decades in hiatus, then please think again. The third and fourth movies plunged into total camp (the bad kind of camp that nearly killed the Batman movie franchise), and the current one pretends they never occurred, making this one a direct sequel to the second. However, the current offering offers something even worse: immorality.

Those who wish to avoid spoilers, turn away now, but know at least that this movie reaches new depths of depravity. Yes, it is horrible that someone has an evil scheme that promises to better himself while threatening the lives of billions of people. But this movie has something much, much worse. From the advertisements it is clear to all that Lois Lane has a son. This is not so bad in itself, but Lane is not a terribly good mother, continuing to work at her job even though it risks her son and, horrors, shacking up with a man who she is not married to. Even worse, it is readily apparent that this man is not the child’s father, but instead the real father is Superman, who cruelly abandoned her to go work out his own issues, leaving her to raise their child alone. Even at the end, there is no resolution towards him doing the honorable thing.

Thus, the movie displays unwholesome, wanton immorality, portraying Lane as a loose woman and Superman as a cad who betrays his boy-scout image to take advantage of her weak will and despoil her good name. Shame on you, Man of Steel! Yes, mass destruction and mayhem is one thing, but implied sexual impropriety is much, much worse! How dare you pollute our children with this filth, diametrically opposed to family values, truth, justice, and the American way! If this is the kind of behavior they tolerated on Krypton, it is little wonder that God Almighty sought to smite them all by destroying their planet. Let us not thus not tempt His wrath and avoid their fate.

—Lex Luthor, concerned and moral reader
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