Friday, October 20, 2006

28 Tishri 5767 * 20 October 2006: Aaron rants on abuse of the word "Bible"


This is my blog, so I am going to gripe about anything I want to gripe about. I have mentioned my book-in-progress (tentative title: Divine Misconceptions: An Orange Catholic Necronomicon of Religious Fallacies and Misinformation; it’s been shifting around) previously, and in doing research for it, I have become annoyed at the proliferation of works or collections of works labeled “Bible”. To Jews, the “Bible” is the Hebrew Bible, AKA Tanakh or (to Christians) the Old Testament. To Christians, the “Bible” is the Hebrew Bible plus the New Testament, and it may or may not include various books or parts of books. And then things get worse from there. The term has been applied to any scripture, so one hears of terms like “Muslim Bible” (for the Qur’an) and “Hindu Bible” (for Shastra). And then people started writing their own “Bibles”, some of which are not scripture. So thus we have things like A Buddhist Bible, Oahspe: A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors, The Woman’s Bible (which is a commentary and not a bible at all), The Jefferson Bible (a deist hack job on the Gospels), and multiple Wiccan and Satanist “Bibles”, including the incredibly named The Rastafarian Satanic Bible. My list is so far up to 25 “Bibles”—and that’s not including most of the different Christian Bibles or taking translations into consideration. (Yes, I know, Barry, if I include Joseph Smith, Jr.’s “Inspired Version” as a separate Bible, the King James Version arguably deserves to included in the list, too. And so do all the other versions considered canonical—the Greek Bible (Septuagint plus Greek New Testament), the Vulgate, the Peshitta, the Ethiopic Bible, etc.) Enough is enough. Time to do something about it, even if it only symbolic. I therefore, tongue-in-cheek, put my curse on anyone who henceforth writes a new “Bible” and condemn them to read the Wikipedia article on Nuwaubianism, which ranks among one of the weirdest religions ever conceived.

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is “Scientology Losing Ground To New Fictionology”. (Yes, I know someone out there is saying, “Adoration to the Batman!”) Enjoy, Shabbath shalom, and share the weirdness.

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