Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Job application kvetching of the day


I am still unemployed, and the process of applying for jobs really sucks. Many sites allow one to apply for jobs on-line. This may be convenient, but often the people who set up these sites have no clue what they are doing.

The last application I entered went through an especially bad site. This site allows the applicant to upload their résumé, promising to extract all the desired information from it. This, of course, failed for me. The site did not even have a clue that my curriculum vitae actually contained all the information it wanted. This is also despite my curriculum vitae being in the extremely common Microsoft Word format.

Furthermore, many values have to selected from pop-up lists which need to be “confirmed”. This operation invariably reloads the entire page when a selection was made—or even opens a whole new window asking for one, single value. Good grief! Who designed such an annoying system? The whole point of such a system is to ensure that all values entered are valid. Why not just let the applicant enter the values in simple, unencumbered text fields and annoy him/her only if some value is invalid?  That cannot be any harder to program!

OK, back to work now...

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