Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Job application stupidity of the day


The job application site I am working on right now allows for two sorts of résumés:  ones which are uploaded, and ones which are built by painfully filling out forms.  The latter kind is only really useful for those who have no résumé or CV and need to create one.  The former is what everyone else has.  I have updated my résumé/CV since the last time I applied on this site, so I uploaded the latest version of my CV.  Unfortunately, the job I am applying to requires a “built” résumé, so I am painfully reentering information which I have already uploaded to this site.  If they require a “built” résumé, why did they bother accepting an uploaded one in the first place?

Somehow I am getting a paranoid fantasy of job application stupidities being deliberately created so that it is hard to get people to apply or at least apply correctly.  This makes the organization foisting stupidities upon job applicants reluctant to fire anyone, as they will have a difficult time finding a replacement.

Peace, and all of you looking for a job, hang in there.

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