Sunday, July 29, 2007

14 ’Av 5767: Review of The Simpsons Movie


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Hi-dilly-ho, neighbors!

There's a whole lot of chattering going on about this new Simpsons movie, so I thought I'd throw my own two cents in. Now they say there's a lot of good stuff in that moo-diddy-oovie, and that there is. But despite the positive pro-family message, more laughs than you can shake a stick at, and quite a lot of well deserved screen time for one particular character, I got to say, no one should really be watching this movie. And there's one doozy of a reason for that: Filth.

This movie shows two male polite officers kissing each other and going into a hotel room for immoral purposes. And to emphasize one woman's ches-diddly-estily. And worst of all, there is outright child pornography, with a clear view of an underage boy's flander-doodle!

It is one thing to show a deplorable Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, or someone being crushed to death, or the attempted murder of thousands of people. But by gosh, that's nothing compared to the most ungodly forms of doodily, well, that just makes my blood boil. Maybe it's not my place to tell you, but I can't see any good parent taking their kids to watch this thing. No, my Rod and Todd won't be exposed that kind of violent, doodily-filled film, or indeed anything like that. No, for my boys it's first and foremost the wholesome stuff that won't put ideas like that in their blessed heads, and that means the Bible.


Your neighbor,

Ned Flanders
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