Monday, March 14, 2005

Political update and worthy cause


Today’s political update is “The vanishing Jews of the Arab world / Baghdad native tells the story of being a Middle East refugee”, which deals with Jewish (genuine) refugees from Arab countries, who, weirdly enough, are rarely mentioned in the context of the Israeli-“Palestinian” conflict because that would conflict with most of the conventional rhetoric and pretenses.

And for today’s worthy cause, this afternoon I stumbled across Ride Gemach (gemah is an abbreviation for gemiluth hasadhim = “acts of loving-kindness”). The site describes itself thusly: “This site is a meeting place for drivers who want to offer a ride to someone who needs it and those seeking such a ride.” Though it currently only has rides in the New York City/Monsey/Lakewood area, this strikes me as a cool idea for helping people and reducing automobile emissions.

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