Sunday, March 6, 2005

Weird thing of the day 6 March 2005/25 'Adhar Ri'shon 5765 (National Frozen Food Day/International Book Day/Anniversary of the Fall of the Alamo/Lent)


Reminder: I will not be posting Weird things of the day tomorrow or the day afterwards because I will be out of town at a friend’s wedding.

Political update: War is raging in places the media largely ignores, e.g., the Congo. Meanwhile in Israel, reports of there being a truce are highly exaggerated.

Today’s weird thing: The age of solar power is now upon us! A company called Brunton is selling solar power equipment, including rollable, portable solar cells. I find myself wondering about getting some of this stuff at some point. After all, Sunlight is free (thank you, God) and nonpolluting, plus using it as an energy source weakens the grip on our planet of terror-supporting countries which happen to also export oil (such as Saudi Arabia). Not to mention it might avoid a potential problem in Shabbath observance. I hear that many observant Jews in Israel (where I hope and pray to be this fall) will not use electricity on Shabbath because said electricity is probably being produced by Jews who are violating Shabbath; using such electricity therefore encourages Shabbath violation, which is itself prohibited. Having a battery and solar panels powering such things as lights and a crock pot would circumvent this problem. Arguably there would be no problem of mar’ith ‘ayin (giving the appearance of doing something wrong) because solar panels need to be exposed to light, where people would be able to see them and thus make it obvious where the electricity is coming from, in order to work.


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