Friday, March 4, 2005

Social Security Pledge


Almost forgot about about this pledge I received E-mail about yesterday: Social Security Pledge.

The text of the pledge, which is to be sent to You-Know-Who reads:

I oppose the Republican privatization plan because:
  • It would cut Social Security’s funding and weaken the program.
  • It would cut benefits by one-third or more, even for those who choose not to risk their money in a privatized account.
  • It would require even deeper benefit cuts for those who do choose a privatized account.
  • It would require borrowing nearly $5 trillion, much of which from foreign countries like China and Japan.
Therefore, I pledge to fight the Republican privatization plan and work for real solutions that strengthen Social Security for the long term.

Please let people in government know you are concerned. (Or if you really don’t care about Social Security or are for the Republican privatization plan, just ignore this message.) Thank you.


PS: You-Know-Who is not Voldemort!
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