Thursday, April 14, 2005

Evening update


Cat-hunting update: The governor of Wisconsin rejects the idea of cat-hunting.

Political update: I have gotten way behind on complaining about the evil committed by politicians, and if I were to do Weird thing of the day full time, I still could not do it justice. Backspin has posted a bunch of noteworthy articles lately, not only of the crimes of the “Palestinians” (such as sending children to get themselves killed), but also of journalists (such as reporting fantasy rather than what actually happened).

Tangent: We need to come up with a better term for “Palestinians” than “Palestinians”. That term is meant to perpetuate the fantasy that the people called by that term constitute a nation (despite the lack of a unique Palestinian religion, language, ethnicity, history, or non-thugocratic self-organization). In reality, these people were abandoned in enemy territory by their own countries (Syria, Jordan, and Egypt) by their own countries after their own countries started wars (which they lost). Never have these countries done anything to reclaim their citizens and resettle them in territory they still control. Instead, they and the rest of the Muslim world have been using them as pawns in a petty political game. Said countries will not lift a finger to do anything to improve these abandoned people’s quality of life, but they will encourage them on to commit self-destructive acts of violence against Israel, especially if the result is the death of children. Instead of implicitly reinforcing the nonsensical idea that these people can somehow defeat a numerically superior, better-trained, better-armed, much more practical enemy, let’s call these people by a term that really reflects what they are: Abandoned or Stateless Arabs.

Off the tangent: Several nations are pledging billions of dollars for Sudan, even though Sudan hasn’t done anything of consequence to stop the brutal violence. Drug prices are rising faster than inflation. Nepotism is rife in Congress. And finally and very appropriately, slime-mold-eating beetles are being named after Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

Enjoy or be scared or something.

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