Thursday, April 7, 2005

Weird thing of the day 7 April 2005/27 'Adhar Sheni 5765 (No Housework Day)


Sanhedhrin update: Yesterday I discovered a new story on the proto-Sanhedhrin, הסנהדרין: להחלטות בג"ץ אין תוקף והם בטלות לעומת ההלכה. For those of your who cannot read Hebrew, the gist is this: The Israeli High Court of Justice has decided to recognize heretical (“Reform” and its offshoots) conversions of non-Jewish residents of Israel to Judaism performed outside Israel as valid. The proto-Sanhedhrin’s reply to this is that since conversion is purely a matter of halakhah (Jewish law), the High Court of Justice’s decision is invalid since which conversions are valid is frankly none of its business.

Today’s weird thing is the article “Tsunami-Surviving Baby Hippo Adopts Tortoise”. Enjoy.

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