Tuesday, December 27, 2005

26 Kislew 5766/27 December 2005: Hanukkah, day 2/National Fruitcake Day/Kawanzaa


And now the next section of my list of religious fallacies:

“One can be a special, foretold person (Messiah, Mahdi, etc.) without fulfilling all the requirements for being that special, foretold person.”
“The claims of one person to prophecy or godhood, without any corroborating evidence, can be relied upon.”
“Visions without corroboration are reliable.”

“Anything with the trappings of science is obviously correct.” • ESAOF: “Anything without the trappings of science is obviously correct.”
“Belief in evolution is tantamount to atheism.” (Creationists)
“Belief in science is purely a matter of faith.” (Creationists)
“Creationism/intellegent design is a scientifically valid theory.” (Creationists)
“Science is a religion.” (Creationists)
“The truth of scientific propositions may be judged according to their religious or moral implications.” (Creationists)

“God can violate logic and mathematics.”
“God is a social construct.”
“God is an abstraction.”
“God is the sum of all good.”
“God is the universe or the soul of the universe.” (Pantheism, panentheism)
“God’s purpose is to make things go fine for us.” (Popular American misconception)
“I am God.” (Pantheism)

Enjoy, and happy Hanukkah.

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