Monday, January 30, 2006

I just had to post this...


Our governor, Mark Sanford, accidentally swallowed his own foot when talking about evolution Sunday. The sad thing is that he probably has no idea how little he understands the issue. Someone please remind me to look for material on evolution to post under "Recommended Reading" to help kill the invalid objections, especially when made by people who do not understand what they are saying. I’m getting visions of posting a bounty for objections to evolution that are 1) not based on naïve interpretation of Genesis, 2) not misunderstandings of evolution or science, and 3) not intellectually dishonest. On the downside, since I do not have money, the bounty would be paid in surplus paperback books. On the upside, since last I heard no such objections existed, all the objections being brought forth these days being invalid, I could probably offer anything as a bounty (such as a live elephant) and never have to worry about paying up. Enjoy or be scared or something.

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