Sunday, May 11, 2008

Media Magnates Spreading Filth Day

Good concerned citizens of America:

While Mr. Adelman is off, I have been asked to manage this blog and see that it continues to be regularly updated. Previously Mr. Adelman has used this platform to discuss his concerns for society, and I intend to continue on in this regard.

Much has been made of the media and the incredibly bad influence it has on our youths. With the advent of recordable media and the Internet, never before in history has it been so easy for individuals to spread materials which undermine the moral fabric of society. The use of such corruprting materials has a long history, and has even been linked with attempts at overthrowing the government.

Even the more salacious and perverted material that are inappropriately thrust upon our children at earlier and earlier ages are nothing new. Today's "weird thing" is just one heinous example. Released in 1946, on the heels of the great moral victory of the war, an evil media magnate had other plans for America. This film shamelessly celebrates all that is low and immoral about teen culture, including a disregard for the law and safety, as well as putting teens in stimulating, possibly compromising situations which could lead to loss of virtue, as well as showing a younger child following this shameless example. Most shocking of all, it graphicly depicts one young lady is a full state of undress, inviting the viewer to participate in and enjoy a perverted display of child pornography. With this being what awaited the greatest generation, is there any wonder why things have gone so badly downhill?

Watch and be afraid for the future: All the Cats Join in

Sincerely yours,

Merton Grub
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