Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weird job application anomaly of the day


As anyone who knows me personally knows, I am currently unemployed and spending a nice chunk of my time job-hunting. On the whole, job applications are rather boring and stupid, sometimes made worse by poorly designed questions that need to be answered.  I thought it appropriate to showcase on this blog two such questions in a job application I filled out just a few minutes ago:
Apply Now
This employer is interested in hearing about your experience or familiarity with the following items to better evaluate your application.  If you meet the qualification the employer has spelled out, for example: Education Level - Bachelor's, please select "Yes."  If you do not meet the qualification, please select "No."

All information marked * is required.

Are you willing to travel the following amount? *
None          ❍ Yes          ❍ No

Do you have the following level of Security Clearance*
None          ❍ Yes          ❍ No
What is wrong with these questions is left as an exercise to the reader to figure out.  Enjoy.

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