Monday, July 14, 2008

Job application annoyance of the day: “We don’t care that you already have a résumé; you have to create a new one from scratch”


I am still unemployed, and I am going to gripe about the idiocy I encounter when trying to get employed.

Today’s annoyance are sites which demand that you “build” a résumé, rather than upload one. The people who came up with such a boneheaded idea clearly have no idea that you put time and effort into putting together a résumé or curriculum vitae, which is grossly disrespectful to all job applicants. Adding injury to insult, they force the applicant to wade through a series of dreadful forms, reentering every single piece of information. They may also further alienate the applicant by asking for a precomposed résumé or curriculum vitae at the very end. Shame on all human resources departments which take this time- and effort-wasting approach! You deserve to be catastrophically understaffed!

Note: This post, as are all posts in this series, is dedicated to George W. Bush, who has done everything he can to strangle research funding, squelch science, and wreck the economy in such a way to his supporters in the short term.

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