Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Job application stupidity of the day strikes back


I am unemployed, and I am going to kvech about it.

I am beginning to think that human resources at the company I applied to today really is collectively stupid. Despite me giving up on their indecent forms when they tried to get me to agree to run a credit check on me—something which they have no business doing, especially since this is not a financial position—one of their recruiters wrote back and asked for further information:
1. Have you obtained a post graduate degree in Epidemiology, Biostatistics or another related public health field?
2. Have you previously worked in this field?
3. Do you have experience with using statistical software? If so, briefly explain
4. This position is located in [OMITTED] and may not provide relocation. Does this change your interest?
5. What is your current compensation?
6. What is your anticipated compensation? Please do not indicate flexible/negotiable.
This is an unambiguous proof that either 1) the recruiter did not read my curriculum vitae (which would have revealed the answers to the first three questions) or 2) the recruiter sent a form letter without any thought as to whether the questions were applicable.  Either way, I seem to be dealing with a human resources idiot, doing his/her best to drive away all competent applicants.  With stupidity like this, it is no wonder so many people are out of work.

Aaron, gaining expertise in how not to be a recruiter
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