Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Job application annoyance of the day: Wrong URL


I am still unemployed, and I will gripe about it. Today’s job application annoyance is one ad which gives two URLs to the site on which one is supposed to apply. The one actually set up as an HTML link, of course, sends one to a nonexistent server. The one left as plain text in the ad, of course, is the address of a real computer. Go figure.

While I am at it, I am also annoyed when, as in this ad, one is told which site to go to and what the unique identifier of the job is, but it is somehow too much trouble for whoever wrote the ad to include a link directly to the job’s page on the site where one is supposed to apply. This is stupid because 1) the applicant gets the message that his/her time and effort are not valuable, which reflects badly on the company and 2) every time anyone wants to apply for a specific job, they must do a search, which consumes much more in the way of resources than going straight to the correct page. Shame, shame, shame!

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