Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Job application stupidity of the day


I am unemployed, and I am going to kvech about the sorts of stupidities I have to put up with in order to get a job. I am pretty sure the job application form I am working on right now was designed by either an idiot or the Marquis de Sade. First it asks for my résumé/CV, which I was happy to give it. It then sent me a nice E-mail thanking me for my application—and also took me to the next page of the form. I therefore am presented with the contradiction of having applied and having not applied. Said next page has some real lulus in it:
  • Asking for information that would normally be in a résumé/CV, such as education and employment history.  Makes me wonder why I gave them my CV in the first place.
  • Asking for three references, but failing to give fields for certain relevant information, such as where these people work or their E-mail addresses.
  • Here’s an idiocy I don’t think I've ever encountered before:  “(if more space is needed, attach additional sheets)”.  Exactly how am I supposed to do that in an electronic form?
If anyone out there is in the job application form business, HIRE ME TO CLEAN UP YOUR FORMS!!!  If I have to put up with such travesties of programming, I ought to be paid to do it!

OK, back to wrestling with the Form from Hell...

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