Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beware of strange crossovers


Jewish date: 14 ’Av 5769.

NOTE: Tomorrow, 15 ’Av, is considered a Jewish traditional matchmaking day. It is currently taking over aspects of Valentine’s Day, so Jewish men who have wives, fiancées, or girlfriends are advised not to forget 15 ’Av at all reasonable costs!

Today’s quasi-holidays: Cost Guard Day (the name of this quasi-holiday may be a typo) and National Night Out.

Worthy causes of the day:  “Press Senate on Climate Legislation”, “Tell Attorney General Holder: Investigate and Prosecute Dirty Coal's Fraudulent Tactics”, “Rove is Back”, and “Tell Congress: Pass Net Neutrality Now”.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “A Jewish and Non-Legitimate State”:  This article details the problems with Muslims accepting Israel as a Jewish state, specifically that such a move would be in contradiction to how Islam views Judaism.  Relevant verses from the Qur’an are cited.
  2. More religious oppression:  “Hate Engulfs Christians in Pakistan”
  3. “I’m sorry, but the Stairway to Heaven is”:
    funny pictures of cats with captions
    Yes, this is a joke.  I still have no data on why black cats are associated with evil.  (What?  Is there not one single historian of superstition out there with some data on the subject?)  The reference to a Led Zeppelin song is an interesting twist.
Personal weirdness:  Recently I added Lijit Search to this blog’s sidebar.  One of the neat features of Lijit is that it list searches that brought people to my blog.  The results for the week ending yesterday were interesting:
  1. harlow, several dumplings and the sabbath queen (5 times)
  2. harlow and the sabbath queen (4 times)
  3. harlow several dumplings and the sabbath queen (3 times)
  4. harlow, seven dumplings, and the sabbath queen (3 times)
  5. ferre van beveren (2 times)
  6. harlow seven dumplings the sabbath queen (2 times)
  7. obscure punctuation (2 times)
  8. thing of the day (2 times)
  9. weird thing of the day (2 times)
  10. hezb-e tahrir beware august 2009 (1 time)
  11. ahmadiyya (1 time)
  12. harlow the seven dumplings and the sabbath queen (1 time)
  13. hoop snake engineering (1 time)
  14. cardboard coffee table (1 time)
  15. harlow sabbath queen amazon (1 time)
  16. dr kirk weir psychiatrist (1 time)
  17. poorly done web pages (1 time)
  18. sheikh yabouti (1 time)
  19. maher dawkins (1 time)
  20. label/sarah%20palin (1 time)
  21. several dumplings & the sabbath queen (1 time)
  22. dr grady mcmurtry from noah's ark to cross of christ (1 time)
  23. sabbath queen a real book kings (1 time)
  24. satan par 64 silver percan (1 time)
  25. harlow, seven dumplings and the sabbath queen book (1 time)
Ten out of the top 25 searches were related to the Kings episode “The Sabbath Queen”, specifically about the fictional children’s book Harlow, Several Dumplings, and the Sabbath Queen which plays a prominent role in that episode and I criticized in my review of that episode.  Go figure.

Today’s news and commentary:
Today’s weird thing is “Asteroid”:
I never thought I would see a crossover like this.  Enjoy and share the weirdness.


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