Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beware of puzzle-shaped food


Jewish date:  23 ’Av 5770 (Parashath Re’eh).

Today’s quasi-holidays:  Emancipation Day/August Festival (British Virgin Islands), National Watermelon Day, National Night Out.

Worthy cause of the day:  “Save BioGems: Take Action: Stop Shell Oil:  Send a message urging President Obama to impose a 7-year moratorium on Shell's offshore drilling in the Arctic that will give scientists enough time to best determine how to protect the polar bear's home.”

Today’s news and commentary:
A Rubik cube, it is based on this one but the ...Image of the inedible variety via Wikipedia
Today’s weird thing is the Rubik’s Cubewich, a meat and cheese sandwich in the shape of a Rubik’s Cube.  I do not know what possessed anyone to create this, though I myself did once dream of a Rubik’s Cube-shaped kugel.  Enjoy and share the weirdness.

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