Sunday, May 20, 2012

’Avraham Boni Avenue

Jewish date:  28 ’Iyyar 5772 (Parashath BeMidhbar).

Today’s events:  Clinical Trials Day, Emancipation Day (Florida).


Today in our series on the streets of Giv‘ath Shemu’el we cover ’Avraham Boni Avenue.  As before, any and all descriptions of the pictures may be inaccurate and may not be used against me in a court of law.

This is another street paved with bricks rather than asphalt, primarily due to the political influence of asphalt-hating demons living in one of the apartment buildings.

Notice these round patterns in the pavement.  Demons have long-standing rivalries with many alien species, and when aliens started making crop circles, demons decided they had to one-up the aliens.

Abe, my Intefe robot informant, hiding among the foliage after the demons threatened to send toddlers to his/her dorm room to throw temper tantrums.

This is the entrance to the secret underground lair of supervillain Jason Tarter, otherwise knows as Cruise Ships World Man.  It would be too dangerous to say more that that other than you should stay away from it at all costs.

The playground on ’Avraham Boni Avenue.

A green horse and yellow dog at the playground.  The horse’s color is due to eating too much broccoli.

A secret passage which Abe says goes to Narnia, the yellow dog says goes to Dune, and the green horse says goes to Cleveland.  All agree that whatever is on the other side is only five centimeters beyond a bend in the road, but I am violently allergic to sandworms, so I would rather not risk it.

Enjoy and share the weirdness.


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