Monday, May 21, 2012

Ḥayyim Naḥman Bi’aliq Street

Jewish date:  29 ’Iyyar 5772 (Parashath BeMidhbar).

Today’s events:  Free Money Day, Victoria Day, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (UN observance with a name too long and boring).


Continuing our series on Giv‘ath Shemu’el, today’s street of interest is Ḥayyim Naḥman Bi’aliq Street. As usual, the descriptions of the pictures may be inaccurate for entertainment purposes and should not be taken too seriously.

Without a question, these are alien plants.

I think I saw one of these on an episode of Doctor Who with plans that included possessing a human, bargaining with space pirates, and stealing a Platonic solid.  These xerophytes denied that had any such intentions, though one of them mumbled something about “those meddling Intefe robots”.

This field is fenced in, because it is filled with vicious carnivorous plants.

These plants are so vicious that they are eating a car carelessly left in the field.

A traffic circle at the intersection of Bi’aliq and Ben Guryon.

The metal gentleman and the metal pigeons are visiting from Oz and enjoying our fine spring weather.  He walked off soon after I took this picture, as people kept annoying him by asking him if was the Tin Woodman.

A monument to the electric razor next to the municipality building

Two Intefe robots hiding in foliage.

Three boxwood trees in front of the municipality building.

An electrical box, probably depicting the ocean.

A passage to Oz.  I regret that I cannot take pictures of Oz, as the passage leads directly through the Deadly Desert, which I do not have the equipment to cross safely.  Anyone wishing to fund the building of a sandboat, please let me know.

More electrical boxes, these painted to depict cypress trees during a Martian sandstorm.

Ṣevarim, which are cactuses kept by Israelis as guard creatures.  They are highly vicious and have been known to eat burglars.

A baby Intefe robot.  They tend to perch on metal or concrete objects.

More weird alien plants.

More painted electrical boxes, with a fence with a wagon-wheel theme in the background.

I think that arch painted on the electrical box is supposed to be a bridge.  The metal gentleman from Oz claims it is a very dusty rainbow.  (Ruggedo reportedly pulled some petty stunts after being rejected by Polychrome.)

A traffic circle where Bi’aliq and HazZethim Street cross.

There used to be a building here, but aliens abducted it.

Intefe robots hiding in the foliage in front of a building.  And, no, the Intefe did not steal that building.

They did not steal the building that was here either.

The traffic circle at the corner of Bi’aliq and Menaḥem Beghin Avenue.

Enjoy, share the weirdness, and beware of building-abducting aliens.


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