Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bunch of weird things


I’ve had the dubious pleasure of calculating tables of distributions of 24 variables today. Information on these variables was incorporated into a report I’m working on which has grown to 94 pages long. Good thing the report only exists as data on my hard drives; otherwise the desk would probably collapse.

People do not know how to stop doing weird things, especially in politics. Here in the USA, Pataki has decried remarks by his state’s (New York) chairman of the local Republican party. The politician on the hot-seat had the audacity to “lump” the lawyer for a terrorist into the Democratic Party, thereby following (illegitimate) President Bush’s lead in effectively putting Senator Kerry into the Axis of Evil.

Things are just about as crazy in Israel. The “Palestinian” Authority is adding wanted terrorists to its “security” forces. (“The move is designed to protect them against Israeli assassination attempts.” As if such a move had any chance of working.) As for the Israelis, the Kenesseth has passed a Gaza disengagement bill without a referendum, thus subverting the democratic process and giving Israeli citizens every right to feel their concerns are not being considered by the politicians. Since this is the same sort of shtik that Yishaq Rabbin pulled, I suspect ’Ari’el Sharon is well on his way to being assassinated. (NOTE: I do not endorse assassination, but in this case I would not find it surprising.) That Sharon is also releasing terrorist prisoners with blood on their hands is probably doing little to increase his life expectancy. If stuff like this keeps up, I may start seriously ranting on the “peace process” and write out a peace plan that has a chance of success.

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