Tuesday, February 1, 2005

My poor Uncle Grover’s demise last year


I just got contacted by someone I didn’t know by instant messaging (Yahoo! Messenger’s protocol, specifically), and I quickly decided to have some fun with him/her...

12:24:24 2005-02-01



12:24:43 2005-02-01
Hiergargo (Aaron Adelman)

Do I know you?

12:25:09 2005-02-01

i am Barr. Felix Odogwu

12:25:27 2005-02-01
Hiergargo (Aaron Adelman)

You don't sound familiar.

Do you know who I am?

12:26:07 2005-02-01

i know your late unclwe

he live in Nigeria

before his death

12:26:25 2005-02-01
Hiergargo (Aaron Adelman)

You do?

12:26:38 2005-02-01

i am the personal attorney to your late uncle

12:26:41 2005-02-01
Hiergargo (Aaron Adelman)

You knew Grover?

12:26:52 2005-02-01


he died 2004

i am looking for his next of kin

12:27:20 2005-02-01
Hiergargo (Aaron Adelman)

I never had an Uncle Grover.  Go read http://weirdthingoftheday.blogspot.com/ while I take a walk around the department.  Good day.

I’ve heard of this sort of scam before, where the scammer tries to get bank account numbers so he/she can steal money, but this is the first time I’m aware of it being attempted via IM.


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Anonymous said...

And I also resent all these greedy people thinking I am dead and trying to get my money!

--Grover Adelman