Friday, February 18, 2005

Weird thing of the day 18 February 2005/9 'Adhar Ri'shon 5765 (National Battery Day)


Weird update: Pale Male and Lola seem happy with their new nest.

Weird health news: Tailor-made skin from 'ink' printer. (And, no, I am not making this up.)

Weird political news: There is way too much out there which reflects very badly on politicians all over the planet, even in places I have never mentioned here. I could easily make a full-time job out of sorting through it all and commenting on it. Since no one is paying me to do that, I want to keep it down to about one a day, so please infer that for every politically damning article I tell you about, there are a few orders of magnitude more out there. As for today’s political update, you can visit National Priorities Project to find out how bad a job the Bush administration is doing with taxpayer money, including how much he’s costing your state and city.

Today’s weird thing is Fourmilab’s Earth and Moon Viewer. Enjoy, and Shabbath shalom.

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