Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Sanhedhrin news


The proto-Sanhedhrin is hard at work, as discussed in the article “Reestablished Sanhedrin Convenes to Discuss Temple”. The focus of this article is on the determination on where the Temple stood. This is not made easy by the popular political delusion that it is necessary to mollify the Arabs and thus the lack of archaeological examination. One of the two favored opinions puts the Holy of Holies directly on the Dome of the Rock, which makes it extremely similar to the opinion of Leen Ritmeyer, the archaeologist who created my late grandfather’s Temple Mount model, outlined in his book The Temple and the Rock. Considering that doing almost anything that the Arabs claim they oppose works (against the common delusion) against terror and violence, the proto-Sanhedhrin’s idea of reestablishing the Temple service (which the Arabs show no sign of being willing to allow) deserves serious consideration if for no reason other than saving human life. Intuition suggests that it may be time for a study of how to practically rebuilt the Temple, including cost estimates.

Very notable link: אגודת "השיבה שופטינו" - לכינון בית הדין הגדול, which is the site of the proto-Sanhedhrin. My apologies to those who do not know Hebrew.

Other notable links, recycled from the post of 4 May 2004 for the benefit of those who were not not reading the Weird thing of the day back then and who would otherwise have to wait until I put the pre-blog editions on-line:Enjoy.


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