Wednesday, November 30, 2005

28 Marheshwan 5766/30 November 2005: Stay at Home Because You're Well Day


Cool thing of the day: The entire Aleppo Codex (כתר ארם־צובא) on-line. The Aleppo Codex is the best and most authoritative manuscript of the Hebrew Bible extant. (Well, most of it anyway; most of the Torah and part of Chronicles are missing.) These are page images, so there is no worrying about OCR or mistyping errors.

Political commentary: “Terrorists in suits and ties: Just because terrorists dress up as politicians and run for democratic office doesn't erase the fact they still are murderers”.

Reminder: Enter the The Weird Thing of the Day Dune Fantastic Religion Contest for a chance to win fame and glory, and to get to pick the weird thing of the day for a week.

Today’s weird thing is a list of handy hints from Emily’s collection. This is not humorous material, just thinking “outside the box”. Enjoy.


Go the Extra Yard
Jan's no knit-wit: "When knitting a sweater, after you put it together, run some extra yarn up along the inside of the seam lines. When washing, this will wash that yarn as well. Then if you need a repair in the future, the yarn you'll need will be there in the same exact color."

Stay Toned
If you're looking for a quick and easy reference note for tuning an instrument, just pick up the phone and use the dial tone. In the U.S., it's very close to the note "F" (if a little sharp). This is especially helpful for guitar players, who can use the tone to tune the "E" string at the first fret, then just tune the rest of the strings accordingly.

It's a Wrap
If you're in a pinch for gift wrap, head for the kitchen! Aluminum foil with an attractive ribbon or bow will have the receiver oohing and aahing over your gift-wrapping expertise. For more gift wrapping options, check out 2torial #0611, Giftwrap a Present.

Cutting-Edge Advice
Before cutting glass with a glass cutter, brush oil on your cut line. This way, you can score the glass without having to make your break right away. When you do make the break, put a wood pencil under the cut and push down gently on either side of the glass. Be sure to score the glass from edge to edge (don't start or stop in the middle), or you won't get a clean break.

A Sticker Situation
To create homemade stickers for kids, combine two parts white glue with one part white vinegar, apply it to the back of whatever you want and let it dry. When you're ready to use your new sticker, just moisten the back.

Picture Perfect
Small beanbags make great substitute tripods for all you amateur photographers. They mold themselves perfectly to uneven surfaces like rocks or tree branches—great when using the timer, as well as for low-light shots that require a steady hand.

Storing Paint
Putting a dot of the color on the lids of your paint bottles makes it easy to find the right one in a box of paints--or you could just store them upside down!

Sharpening Scissors
Scissors gone dull? Simply cut sandpaper with them to sharpen.

Penny Ruler
Need to make a small measurement, but don't have a ruler handy? A U.S. penny is exactly 3/4" wide.

Sawing Wood
Here's a clever one from LearnLetter member Maurine Franklin: "Need to saw a small piece of wood, but don't have someone to hold down the opposite end? Place it under the toilet seat, press down on the lid with a knee and saw away. Does the job quickly (and it's funny, too!)."

Magnetic Pictures
What to do with old school pictures, pictures too small to fit in frames, or pictures with lots of uninteresting background space? Glue them onto old magnets or new magnets attached to a small piece of cardboard to create a delightful new picture for your fridge.

Hammer And Fork
Don't want to hit your fingers with the hammer? Use a fork to hold the nail in position. Just place it between the tines.

Measure Your Thumbs
On a related note: many handypersons take the trouble to measure both their thumbs and their little fingers, so that they always have a measuring rule "at hand." Measure the space they occupy when pressed against a surface (not the width of your nails). Then you can estimate lengths by leapfrogging one digit over another.

Rejuvenating Masking Tape
"If you have a roll of masking tape that's dried up and won't unroll, simply put it in the microwave on a damp rag and zap it (no more than a minute or so). It'll be good as new!"

Sticky Price Tags
From Deb K.: "It was always frustrating for me when I'd buy a gift and, before wrapping, try to remove the stuck-on price tag. If the packaging is a smooth, shiny surface, you can get that junk off with lighter fluid. Just a little on a paper towel, combined with a little elbow grease will clean your package right up and make it presentable."
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