Thursday, November 10, 2005

8 Marheshwan 5766/10 November 2005: Marine Corps Day


Religio-political sermonizing: If you haven’t heard by now the Kansas Board of Education has approved new standards approving the teaching of “intelligent design” in the classroom. Very disturbingly, this blatant violation of the US Constitution is being promoted as improving science standards. What those fools (and I do not use that term lightly) do not understand is that creationism (whatever it may be called) lost out scientifically because it is not consistent with the evidence we have of the Earth's past. Rather than try to come to terms with current knowledge, as past greats did in their own time, creationists have tried to subvert science in public relations and in the courts. "Intelligent design" is just a pseudosecular manifestation of this which does not explicitly state the designer of all life is God. Considering that all physical reality is a manifestation of God’s will, assuming that a simplistic interpretation of the open sections of Genesis is infallible is tantamount to claiming that God is wrong or has deliberately created traces of a past that never happened. It is about time that people reconciled themselves to living in the world that God actually put us in, started treating the first 11 chapters of Genesis as the esoteric material they are, and started worrying about real problems, such as how to make this world a better place. God gave us enough wisdom to realize that long-held philosophical notions such as Ptolemaic cosmology and the doctrine of the four elements are wrong; it is time we used this knowledge to do away with creationism as well and recognize that what makes humanity special is not the untenable notion that we are completely different from the rest of the natural world but rather the miracle that we can be holy, worthy beings even though we are animals. By the way, if anyone thinks it’s unchristian to believe in evolution, he/she can tell it to the Vatican.

Today’s weird thing is “the Future is Wild™”, which is a rather strange notion of the direction future evolution will take. Enjoy, and beware of terrestrial squid.

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