Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some spam I just got


I would like to share an annoyance that keeps coming up in job-hunting, and that is the phishing scam.  Phishing is a technique for getting information out of people by sending them some sort of bait.  Below is a message I just got:

Dear Aaron ,

A recent viewing of your resume online has allowed us to determine that you are qualified for a position within our company as a Casting Manager. We are one of the most exciting web launches within the last few years, TooSpoiled.

For this particular position, we’re looking for someone who has a list of contacts within the entertainment industry as well as at least two years of experience in casting. The position involves working face-to-face with top entertainment professionals, so outstanding communication and presentation skills are very important. A bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required. If you do join TooSpoiled as a Casting Manager, you’ll be responsible for meeting monthly booking quotas and for posting talent opportunities directly on the website. Matching TooSpoiled talent with available castings and bookings and working with talent agencies, movie studios and others to identify the need for talent and to secure bookings are critical aspects of this position.

Compensation for TooSpoiled’s Casting Managers is extremely competitive, including an annual salary at or near six figures at the end of the first year. Our bonus and incentive program can add even more to earning potential.

I encourage you to click on the link below if you have an interest in applying for the Casting Manager position. You may paste the address into your browser if the link is not functioning properly.


I hope to hear from you soon regarding this opportunity.

Best Regards,

Phillip Hester

I do not wish to be considered for future employment.

The bait is designed to get information from the recipient no matter what the answer.  If the URL I censored out is chosen, then the recipient may be subjected to phony job application forms designed to extract personal information.  If the recipient chooses “I do not wish to be considered for future employment.”, which is a link the original message, then the spammer finds out that the recipient’s E-mail address is active and used by a genuine human being, thus proving that this E-mail address is a viable target for future spam.  The only way to fight such spam is to not answer at all.

I would also like to note my disrespect for this sort of message (and spam in general) since the bait is poorly matched to the target.  Yes, I am unemployed, and I do appreciate job offers.  But I know nothing about being a casting director, and I have no interest in being a casting director.  None of the spam preying on job-hunters that I have received so far has purported to offer me a job of the kind I was looking for (epidemiology, statistics).  Don’t these losers know that lies are supposed to be believable?  If someone is going to do something evil, they might as well do it well in a way that impresses people, not in a way that comes off as stupid.  Shame on them!

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