Sunday, January 23, 2005

Weird thing of the day 23 January 2005/13 Shevat 5765 (National Handwritting Day/Measure Your Feet Day)


I have been informed that I seem obsessed with the presidential inauguration. Since that’s over now, I should have time to obsess over other atrocities of the Bush administration, i.e., Yahoo! News - Home Secretary could deport terror suspects back to Arab countries. (This is a bad idea since Arab countries are not reliable for keeping their agreements, so despite assurances to the contrary, said suspects may well be tortured. Then again, since Bush is already under fire for aiding and abetting torture by the United States, he may well be trying to effectively outsource torture and pretend that countries like Saudi Arabia are our friends.)

As for unusual news, the proto-Sanhedhrin is at work on practical issues, including procedures for how they will function and forming an agenda. (I am hoping publicity is on the list; at least in the USA, everyone I have talked to about the proto-Sanhedhrin has been unaware of their existence.)

Finally (and very much unrelated to the first two items), I would like to note that many times previously I have informed you of worthy causes, and I even once presented you with a downright silly cause (blowing up the Moon, 17 November 2004). I now present you with what may be the first Weird thing of the day unworthy cause of the day: SAVE ENTERPRISE. There are rumors about Star Trek: Enterprise being canceled. Considering that the series started going seriously downhill with Star Trek: Voyager, this may not be a bad thing, especially since they’ve been botching everything Vulcan-related in Enterprise. (Would it have hurt them to have made there be more outright diversity of Vulcan religion, philosophy, and culture? Why don’t we ever see Vulcans who outright disavow the Philosophy of Logic? The only Vulcan “heretics” we’ve ever seen have all followed the Philosophy of Logic in some form or another!)


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