Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Weird thing of the day, 26 January 2005/16 Shevat 5765 (Australia Day)


This is getting sent out while my computer processes other stuff. (Don’t you love multitasking?)

1) If you hadn’t noticed, yesterday was the Jewish New Year for Trees. I did not manage to get into the synagogue because it was filled with pines and palmettos, many of which show up only three days a year. I still have no idea how a tree managed to blow a shofar.

2) I got a GMail (Google’s mail system) invite yesterday, and I now have a respectable alternate E-mail address to migrate my communications to before I leave the Medical University of South Carolina. I won’t post it here in order to avoid making things too easy for spambots (programs which collect unencoded E-mail addresses from Web pages), but I will send it in a separate, off-blog post.

3) Seemingly requisite political coverage: “January 20, 2005 DC Report: the unreported news of inauguration day” by Avram Friedman, which describes the downright unconscionable conditions protesters had to work under at the inauguration. Furthermore, I’d like to draw attention to “Holocaust Survivor Questions U.N.'s Power”, in which it is noted that the UN General Assembly tried to show that it is not anti-Semitic by commemorating the Holocaust but managed to shoot itself in the foot through extreme lack of Arab participation.

4) Today’s weird thing is “Robbers scared off by Playstation game get jail time”. I think this one can speak for itself.


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