Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Weird thing of the day 25 January 2005/15 Shevat 5765 (Jewish New Year for Trees/Burns Night/Opposite Day)


It is traditional on 15 Shevat, the Jewish New Year for Trees, to eat fruit. (I had raisins with my breakfast.) I therefore declare today’s weird thing to be something vaguely fruit-related: the 25th Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE®) Award Nominations. Essentially these are the opposite of Oscar nominations, celebrating (if that’s the right word) the worst of the worst in the movie industry. This year it’s notable that politicians are being nominated, especially George W. Bush (worst actor, worst screen couple with Condoleeza Rice or his pet goat), primarily for their roles in Fahrenheit 9/11.




Anonymous said...

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bobby awesome

Anonymous said...

o n kondaleeza rice is a hottie!!!!!!

bobby awesome