Sunday, October 16, 2005

13 Tishri 5766/16 October 2005: Dictionary Day/Bosses' Day


I now have my lulav and ’ethrogh (palm, myrtle, willow, and citron waved during Sukkoth). Today I get to tie more sisiyyoth.

Unexpected publishing: I would like to note that a while back I posted on my Web-site a list of the books of the Orange Catholic Bible from Frank Herbert’s Dune series. (I have an interest in fictional religions. Remind me sometime to lecture on religion in Star Trek.) Apparently my claim the list is “freeware” was taken to mean it is open source, since the list has reappeared, word for word, in Wikipedia’s article on the Orange Catholic Bible. Not sure whether to count it technically as a violation of the prohibition on stealing; considering I gave a blanket forgiveness during ’Elul, I’m letting it slide.

Side note: I still don’t get why Herbert decided that Zensunnis on Arrakis worship sand-worms. I would have thought the Islamic part of the religion would consider worship of anything material an abomination.

Today’s weird thing is the Dictionary of RPG Cliches. Enjoy.

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