Friday, October 7, 2005

OK, maybe I'm the one going bonkers


I think I may be really out of it. Yes, Bush having a mental disorder that makes him think he is a prophet would explain a lot, such as how he can display unwavering certainty even in the face of contrary evidence to his convictions. However, it is pointed out by Backspin that the claim of Bush claiming prophecy was made by Stateless Arab negotiator Nabil Shaath. The Stateless Arabs have a long history (going back to the 1920s, when their state was the Ottoman Empire) of making bizarre claims for political purposes, a history which is not over yet, so I should have been more skeptical. On the other hand, White House spokesman Scott McClellan denies that Bush ever claimed prophecy, and since the Bush administration lies almost every time it collectively moves its lips, it is plausible that is there is some truth to Shaath’s claim. However, neither reason nor intuition give me any reason to believe one liar over the other. Either could be right, or the truth could be somewhere in
between (e.g., Bush told Shaath that he fought the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and has been pushing for a “Palestinian” state for religious reasons, and Shaath interpreted this as a claim of prophecy). Whatever happened, I intend to pay (hopefully better) attention to how this plays out.

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