Sunday, October 23, 2005

20 Tishri 5766/23 October 2005: Hol hamMo`edh Sukkoth


In the interest of cleaning out my פתגמיא folder, today’s weird thing is “Researcher Takes Aim at Alien Abductions”, which refreshingly notes how people can make the mistake of believing that one has been abducted by aliens. Also note that the people claiming that “alien abductions” are not actual abductions are psychologists, while the person cited as claiming that “alien abductions” are real is an historian.

Personal history side note: I once did see aliens, specifically of the “gray alien” variety. However, since these were the aliens who had abducted Dorothy Gale and brought her to Oz, I feel confident that I was only dreaming.

Enjoy, and Hagh sameah.

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