Sunday, February 12, 2006

14 Shevat 5766 * 12 Februrary 2006: Darwin Day/Lincoln's Birthday


Today is Darwin Day, which celebrates Charles Darwin and evolution. Since evolution is much maligned and misunderstood, I felt it appropriate to give a little relevant material to help shed a little light on the issue. First, I would like to note the National Center for Science Education, which focuses on fighting teaching of creationism (including “intelligent design”) in the public schools. Second, I would like to debunk the misconception that all religious people (at least those of the Abrahamic religions) are creationists. “Churches celebrate Darwin`s birthday” is an article about the Christian celebration of Darwin Day, and the Clergy Letter Project is dedicated towards letting the clergy show their support for evolution. Finally, more on the weird side, I present the “Parodies of the ichthys symbol” article at Wikipedia. I wish I had more material, but I have had other things to work on besides this blog. Those who have good evolution sites, feel free to send me URLs to post. Enjoy.

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