Wednesday, February 22, 2006

24 Shevat 5766 * 22 February 2006: Green alien lands UFO in field near mountain


This picture I drew trying out a program called Seashore with which I hope to use to draw cartoons for two contests. (It's supposed to be an alien and a UFO.) One contest is the World Union of Jewish Students Global Campaign Against Hatred "Fight hate with humor" Cartoon Contest. The other is that stupid Iranian cartoon contest, whose theme is “Why should the "Palestinian people" pay for the "holocaust" story?” Barry has told me that he E-mailed the people holding the latter contest, and “They are willing to take cartoons which comment on the reason that contest is being held.” We have thus come up with some ideas for cartoons which aim to answer the theme question, only not in a way that would be appreciated by Islamo-fascists. Go forth and speculate, and feel free to send the Iranians cartoons which tell the real reason the Stateless Arabs are suffering. If you do your cartoons right, you ought to be able to submit them to both contests.

And now for today’s news:Finally, I would like to note the article “The Click That Broke a Government's Grip”, which is about a journalist in China who managed to defy the government and evade censorship by proper use of the Internet. In honor of this accomplishment and in order to let people know that government censorship does not work, please feel free to E-mail the URL of the story to others and encourage them to E-mail it to others. Enjoy.

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