Thursday, August 24, 2006

30 'Av 5766 * 24 August 2006: Ro'sh Hodhesh 'Elul

Greetings, and happy new month.

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is weird music star Weird Al Yankovic’s song “Don’t Download This Song”. Enjoy, and go forth and download it. (I did.)

Special addition: I’m currently finding myself trying to find a decent title for my book-in-progress on religious fallacies and misinformation (see “Weird thing of the day: December 2005” and “Weird thing of the day: January 2006”). What I’m aiming for is something that will attract a lot of attention and give people the heebeejeebees. Unable to decide, I am including below the current list. Please, take a little time, read over the list, and E-mail me your favorite. (Comments on this post are also OK.) Thank you.

A Book Concerning the Dead
A Simpleton Will Believe Anything
A Study of the Dead
All Religions Are the Same and Other Religious Misinformation
Almost Everything You Think You Know About Religion Is Wrong
Apocalypse Yesterday
Azathoth and Other Horrors
Cults of Ghouls
Everyone is a Hindu and a Wiccan and Other Bad Religious Thinking
For They Bow Down to Vanity and Emptiness and Pray to a God Who Does Not Save
Gideon’s Threshing-Floor
In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming
Incinerate This Book
On the Sending Out of the Soul
Read This Book at Your Own Peril
Required Reading for Occultists
Satan Made Me Write This
Something Worse Than the Necronomicon
The Azhar Necronomicon
The Black Tome of Alsophocus
The Book of Azathoth
The Book of Dead Laws
The Book of Gods Who Do Not Save
The Book of Good Intentions
The Book of Night
The Book of Radiant Darkness
The Book of Rebels
The Book of the Deluded Skeletons
The Book of the Demonic Hippopotamus
The Book of the Evil Inclination
The Book of Those Who Ignored Moses’s Last Speech
The Book of Ultimate Blasphemy
The Book of Unwritten Rules
The Book of Vanity and Emptiness
The Celaeno Fragments
The Chronicles of Nath
The Demonic Hippopotamus Necronomicon
The Derby
The Dhol Chants
The Divine Misconception
The Ecumenical Necronomicon
The Eltdown Shards
The End is Near (Really!)
The Forbidden Book of Arcane Secrets
The Grids of Discord
The G’harne Fragments
The Ilarnek Papyri
The Image of the Law of the Dead
The Koranjiyana Zenchristian Necronomicon
The Meta-Necronomicon
The Necronomicon of All Religions
The Omnist Necronomicon
The Orange Catholic Heresy
The Orange Catholic Necronomicon
The Parchments of Pnom
The Pnakotic Manuscripts
The Ponape Scripture
The Real-Life Necronomicon
The Revelations of Glaaki
The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan
The Testament of Carnamagos
The Universal Necronomicon
The Worship of Fictional Gods and Other Bad Religious Thinking
The Zanthu Tablets
The Zenchristian Navakoranecronomicon
They Say...
Things in the Water

Aaron, owner of a few (purchased, not downloaded) albums by Weird Al Yankovic
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