Wednesday, September 20, 2006

27 'Elul 5766 * 20 September 2006


This is going to be “politically incorrect”, but that never stopped me before.

In response to the childish overreaction to comments from the Pope which were not meant to be offensive, I hereby register my very real offense at all the negative claims made about YHWH the God of Israel and about Jews by Muslims, starting with Muhammad in the Qur’an and by Muslims ever since then. I find extremely offensive the notion that YHWH would break His/Her agreements and abandon His/Her chosen people. I find it extremely offensive the notion that my people would deliberately corrupt the Torah and Psalms, especially when no copies of the Torah or Psalms show the least trace of prediction of Muhammad as the ultimate prophet or of the laws or history being the way Muhammad related them. I find extremely offensive all the claims of my people being vile in every imaginable manner, including the arch-insult of claiming cannibalism.

I therefore demand an apology in the most groveling and self-effacing manner from every single Muslim who dares believe such horrible lies, especially from all those who even think that violence is an appropriate response to mere insult. I demand that all the insufferable lies be purged from all Muslim literature and media, and I do not care that the Qur’an will be virtually shredded in the process; Muhammed (may his bones be ground up) should have known better than to insult YHWH.

I have no plans whatsoever for registering my protest violently. Furthermore, I do not suggest anyone else who is similarly offended register their protest violently. No bombing, torching, knifing, shooting, killing, or anything else of the sort. Period. And I really mean it. Though it is good to know that since Muslims have insulted non-Muslims far worse than non-Muslims have insulted Muslims, Muslims believe it completely justified that when Muslims attack non-Muslims, non-Muslims are entitled to do absolutely anything imaginable to the Muslims. I know that Muslims actively deny that, but that is more than fair, considering Muslim behavior.

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is the Weird Fortune Cookie Collection. Enjoy, and share the weirdness.

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