Sunday, November 23, 2008

25 Marḥeshwan 5769: Cashews Day


Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “Government, leader deaths reshape apocalyptic sect in Mexico”: Never trust anyone who insists the world will end on a specific date and it fails to happen. It pays to verify the validity of visions.
  2. “Prophet cartoon row in Indonesia”: Here we go again...
  3. “Sex offender law faces ‘religious freedom’ challenge”: As it is written:
    A provision of Georgia’s sex-offender law that prohibits offenders from volunteering at places of worship should be struck down because it criminalizes religious conduct, a lawyer argued Thursday.

    Because of the provision, offenders cannot sing in adult choirs, play the piano during services, attend adult Bible study classes, serve as a pallbearer at a friend’s funeral or give their testimonies to congregations, Atlanta lawyer Gerry Weber told a federal judge.

    During the last session, the General Assembly amended the sex-offender law, which already made it a crime for an offender to be employed at a church. The new provision makes it a crime to “volunteer.”

    If convicted, an offender faces at least 10 years and no more than 30 years in prison.
    Considering the Constitutional right to freedom of religion and that religion can have therapeutic benefits, yeah, this law makes no sense. One might want to have houses of worship be careful about whom the offenders are around, but this wholesale interference is overkill.
  4. “Malaysian Islamic body bans yoga for Muslims”: (Submitted by Barry.) An Islamic ban on yoga makes more sense than one might initially suspect. Yoga is not just a form of exercise where one twists one’s body into unusual positions. It is actually a set of multiple Hindu disciplines geared towards liberating one from the cycle of reincarnation. The yoga Americans (and apparently Malaysians) are familiar with is actually a secularized form of hatha yoga. Given this highly un-Islamic origin, it should not be surprising that Muslims regard it with suspicion.
  5. “ACLU sues W.Pa. borough on behalf of church”: As it is written:
    The state American Civil Liberties Union said in a lawsuit that a western Pennsylvania borough violated a church's religious freedom by refusing to allow the house of worship to shelter homeless people.
    Other than the obvious assault on freedom of religion, what the gezornenblat is the government trying to do, making the lives of people worse in this time of economic distress?
Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is “Longest word typed with only the left hand”. Enjoy (or be puzzled over why anyone figured this out) and share the weirdness.

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